Sunday, June 26, 2011

Math Work Stations Chapters 5

Wow have I got behind ... I started tutoring this past week. It's been really good for me to get back in a structured routine but it has left a lot less time to read, think, and create things related to Math Workstations by Debbie Diller.

I'll include thoughts and activities in this post from Chapter 5 on addition and subtraction and then post again hopefully later this week on Chapter 6 place value.

When I first started blogging I posted some ideas of activities that could be used in the addition/subtraction workstation. One of these ideas I found on teacher tipster. This activity, called Power Towers was one of my students favorites this past year.

I also turned a magnetic dart board into an addition fact practice activity. I've tried three times now to upload a picture of the dart board but each time I do a window pops up saying there's something wrong with internet explorer. Not sure what's going on but I'm not going to upload the picture again. So you'll just have to use your imagination this time. I created two choices of worksheets for students to complete while working using the dart board. At the time I did not create math talk cards but I'm adding them now so if you find a magnetic dart board and would like to use this activity you have some math talk cards to use as well.

Google docs is also being a little funny. They've changed things up and I haven't yet figured out how to embed documents into my blog. Sorry I can't show you the worksheet but if you would like a copy for math dart addition you can click here. If you would like a worksheet where students need to add their own numbers and then compare their score to their partner's score you can click here. You can get math talk cards for this activity here.
I have no idea what's going on with uploading pictures. I can't upload a picture of my math talk card either. If you would like a copy of the math talk cards for your students to use with the dart addition click here.

I've got more to share but I'll share in another post as I'm having so much trouble right now.

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