Saturday, March 19, 2011

more word a day sentences

Some of my kiddos come up with the funniest sentences using our vocabulary words ... here's some more:

I would like to explore space.
I would like explore Chatunoogo
I explore the buker (I'm not sure what this is)
A undr watr kave
I would like to explore at the ymca.
at the zoo.
I explore at the jack in the box
I wil like isplo a Dog.
I wunt to iksploler the see.
I like to it explore the ploc. (park)
I would like to explore in the Jungle.
I like to explore My BirthDay preise's. (presents)
I like to explore in the Jungl.
I wud like to explore the Jugul

You can tell some of them get the concept of explore and some don't really.  This is also a good indication of who is having trouble writing a complete sentence consistently.

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